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The Stress Releif Bundle is perfect for anyone who identifies as stressed... aren't we all, LOL.   The bundle pairs Anxietea with our Stressed Out Roll-on and Adaptogen Tonic to help you find sweet sweet relief from stress and nervous tension.  Try it today and feel the tension start to slip away........

Stress Relief Bundle

  • Anxietea: Skullcap*, Lemon balm* Catnip*, Milky oats*, Lavender*, Orange peel*, and Rose petals*

    Stressed Out Roll-on: Fractionated coconut oil*, Vetiver oil, Clary sage oil, Sweet orange oil.

    Adaptogen Tonic: Brandy, Ashwagandha*, Eleuthero*, Holy Basil*, Rhodiola*, Licorice*, Valerian*, blueberry* and mango*.

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