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About Us


Wilde Lake Botanicals is a small, female and veteran owned company from Columbia, MD.   We pride ourselves on our small batch, all natural and organic herbal products that will help nourish your body and mind.   Our products are made with only organic and high quality ingredients and ZERO chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances.  Our goal is to bring the herbal traditions of our ancestors to modern products that support health and wellness. 

Our founder and owner, Mollie Nelson, is a practicing Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist.   Her love for herbal remedies became a desire she wanted to share with friends and family. Herbal remedies are highly effective support systems for your overall health... there is a reason these traditions have lasted thousands of years!  We believe there is power in the nature around us and that these plants have the ability to change lives.  At Wilde Lake Botanicals we strive to harness some of that power so that you can experience it for yourself...            Plants with Power!


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