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Stress out and tense?  Take a moment to relax with our Relax Bundle.  This bundle includes Calm Down Tea  to help calm your nervous system and ease away tension from the day, a 10 ml Peace and Quiet Roll-On and a 1 oz Passionflower Elixir.  Enjoy a calming cup of tea while you roll essential oils over your pulse points and bottoms of feet to help calm your system.  Put a droperful of hte elixir into your tea to add sweetness and aid relaxation even further!

Relax Bundle

  • Ingredients:

    Calm Down Tea: Linden flower*, Passion Flower*, Lavender*, Orange peel*, and Mint*

    Stressed Out Roll-On: Fractionated coconut oil*, Roman Chamomile oil, Rose oil, Sweet orange oil.

    Passionflower Elxir:  Passionflower, red raspberry*, ethanol, water, raw honey*

    *Denotes organic.

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