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Stress out and tense?  Take a moment to relax with our Relax Bundle.  This bundle includes Calm Down Tea (about 10 cups) to help calm your nervous system and ease away tension from the day, a 10 ml Stressed Out Roll-On and a 1oz Adaptogen Tonic.  Enjoy a calming cup of tea while you roll essential oils over your pulse points and bottoms of feet to help calm your system.  The adaptogens can help to support your body during stressful times and work best when taken over time.  

Relax Bundle

  • Ingredients:

    Calm Down Tea: Linden flower*, Passion Flower*, Lavender*, Orange peel*, and Mint*

    Stressed Out Roll-On: Fractionated coconut oil*, Vetiver oil, Clary sage oil, Sweet orange oil.

    Adaptogen Tonic: Brandy, Ashwagandha*, Eleuthero*, Holy Basil*, Rhodiola*, Licorice*, Valerian*, blueberry* and mango*.

    *Denotes organic.

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