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Legend has it that the Queen of Hungary commissioned an alchemist to create a facial toner that would restore her youthful appearance.  This toner reversed her aging so much that the 25 year old grand-duke of Luthuania asked for her hand in marriage, when she was 70 years old!  While we can't promise you a marriage proposal (LOL),  our version of this legendary toner blends skin nourishing herbs with rose water and witch hazel to help tighten pores and add a brilliant, youthful appearance to your skin.  Best used daily and paired with one of our Face the Day Facial Serums.  A perfect addition to your daily skin care routine!

Queen of Hungary's Water Facial Toner

  • Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar*, Rose hydrosol*, Witch Hazel Extract*, Lemon balm*, Lavender*, Calendula*, Chamomile*, Rose petals*, Comfrey*, Elderfower*, Sage*, Passion flower*, Lemon peel*, Niaouli oil*

    *Denotes organic

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.   Not intended as a replacement for a doctor's care or prescribed medications.  

    Not for ophthalmic use.  Not meant be be ingested. 

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