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We are all looking for a more natural way to take care of our skin - to keep it healthy and glowing!  Give up the chemicals and try our all natural cleaninsg grains.  Organic oats and almond meal are artfully blended with bentonite clay to cleanse your skin and get rid of toxins.  Beauty herbs like lemon balm, lavender, roses and elder flower bring this little wonder to the front of everyone's skin care list!  Our original blend is perfect for all skin types but if you need an extra boost, try our formula with activated charcoal to help keep skin clear!   Both formulas come in a generous 1 oz size. 

Cleansing Grains

  • Ingredients:

    Cleansing Grains: Oats*, Almond meal*, Bentonite clay*, Rose petals*, Lavender*, Lemon balm*, and Elder flower*

    Variation: Activated charcoal*


    Not for opthalmic use.


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